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Welcome to Kushiel's Debut


Kushiel's Debut is a MUX based on the Kushiel's Legacy series, as well as more loosely upon the Naamah trilogy, both by Jacqueline Carey. Links to further information about her and her books can be found in Credits & Disclaimers below. The game, like the novels it is based on, is focused on stories of intrigue, politics and romance. The below links will take to to the various sections of this wiki that will help you create a character and understand both the setting and rules so that you can enjoy the game with our other players.

Kushiel's Debut is exceedingly grateful to the following:
All staff members, past and present
Skaldia for his hard work as our Head Admin.
Vralia for creating the game
Cassiel for his work in creating the new chargen & coding in general
Shemhazai for her ideas & help in building
Azza 1.0 for his help in getting the new version of the game underway
Belle and Violette for their help with the family trees
Asherat for the donation of a good deal of the content in this wiki
Kushiel for maintaining the timeline
Azzalle for her past help on the wiki and for keeping S sane
Azza 2.0 for the code
Amarante for her beautiful wiki pages
All of our players for keeping things fun and engaging for years on end!
All marque artwork used with thanks and permission from Eleagar

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MUX Port: 2009

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